Educational tender items for schools in Malaysia
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Laboratory equipment
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Optical Products
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Ambala Lab

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Micro Pipette Tips

Battery Eliminator

Open Model - Compound Telescope

3d Model - Air & Water Pollution

3d Model - Earhquakes

3d Model - Igneous Rocks / Volcanoes

3d Model - Origin Of The Earth

3d Model - Oxygen & Carbon Cycle

Ac Dc Dynamo

Ac Dc Dynamo

Accent What Is Density? Kit

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(aids)

Ameoba Fiber Model

Aneroid Barometer

Angular Mirror

Angular Mirror

Animal Cell & Plant Cell

Archemedies Apparatus

Atomic Model Loose Kit Polylab

Atomic Model Set Of 7

Balance With Case

Basic Filtering Kit

Battery Eliminator

Bessimar Plant


Bio Gas Plant

Biogas Plant S.s.

Boss Heads

Boyles Law Apparatus

Bucky Ball

Bug Box (magnifier)


Cathode Ray Tube With Transformer

Cell Structure Model

Clear Rulers

Constant K Apparatus

Conversion Of Galvonometer In To Ammeter & Voltmeter

Copper Purification Apparatus

Covalent Bond In Hydrogen Molecule

Critter Pickin' Pans

Crooks Radio Meter

Dancing Shaker

Diamond Crystal Model

Digital Microscope With T.v. Facility

Digital Stop Clock

Digital Thermo - Hygrometer

Distillation Apparatus

Distillation Apparatus

Dna Model On Stand

Domestic Electric Circuit(back)

Domestic Electric Circuit(front)

Double Cone Apparatus

Double Inclimed Plane

Electric Bell Demonstration

Electrolysis Apparatus

Faradays Apparatus New

Fiber Model –eye

Fiber Model-ear

Fiber Model-heart

Fieldmaster Plankton Net

Fieldmaster Secchi Disk

Food Chain

Formation Of Chlorine Ion

Formation Of Sodium Ion

Forth Flotation Apparatus

Fortins Barometer

Fractional Distilation Of Petroleum - Acrylic Model

Friction Board Apparatus

Fuse In Circuit

Fuse In Circuit

Gallelio's 3 Layar Experiment

Generation Of Current By Moving Coil

Geometrical Objects Fiber Colour

Geometrical Objects Wooden

Gold Leaf Electroscope, Persistence Of Vision

Graphic Crystal Model

Hand Lens (magnifying Glass)

Handy Field Microscope

Human Torso Big Size

Hydro-power (turbine Cum Generator)

Hydrogen Molecule

Inclined Plane Apparatus

Inclined Plane Apparatus

Internal Structure Of The Earth

Isotopes Of Hydrogen

Junior Medical Microscope

Kinetic Energy Apparatus

Law Of Parallogram On Stand

Lever Apparatus Metal

Lever Apparatus Wooden

Liquidation Apparatus

Magnetic Field Apparatus


Magnifying Glasses

Meter Bridge Laminated

Micro Pipette Variable Volume

Micrometer Screw Gauge

Minerals & Rocks In Show Case

Mixing Of Colour Apparatus

Motor Cum Generator

Motor Cum Generator

Motor Open Model

Neno Tube

Newton Law Of Colling Apparatus

Newton’s Craddle

Newton’s First , Second, Third Law

Nuclear Chain Reactor

Nuclear Reactor

Oersted Apparatus

Ohm's Law Apparatus

Ohm's Law- Loose Kit

Open Model - Astronomical Microscope

Optical Bench Double Red

Optical Tank

Oxygen Molecule

P.n. Junction Apparatus Loose Kit


Petrol Gas Plant

Ph Meter

Phases Of The Moon

Pipette Stand, Horizontal

Pipette Stand, Rotary

Pipette Stand, Vertical

Pipette Stand, Vertical

Post Office Box

Potentio Meter 4 Wire

Projection Microscope


Ray Kit

Rechargeable Dry Cell With Charger

Reflection Of Sound Apparatus


Resistance Box

Resistance In Series & Parallel Built In Type

Resistance In Series & Parallel Built In Type

Resistance In Series Loose Kit

Resistance In Series Loose Kit

Resonance Apparatus

Retort Rings

Retort Stand

Ring & Ball Apparatus With Stand

Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank

Rotospin-rotary Mixer

Rotospin-test Tube Rotator

Round Moving Table Apparatus

Sand Clock


Set Of 16 Volumetric Shapes

Simple Cell

Simple Pendulum On Stand

Skeleton Small Size On Stand

Slidoscope With Micro Photo Slide

Slit Box

Sodium Chloride Crystal Matel

Sodium Chloride Crystal Model

Solar Cooker

Solar Energy Kit

Solar System Electric

Solar System Electric Working

Solar System Electric Working

Solar System Imported

Solar Water Heater

Solonid On Base

Solonid On Base


Space Shuttle




Sphero Meter

Spinit-magnetic Stirrer

Spinix-orbital Shaker

Spinix-vortex Shaker

Stop Clock

Structure Of Atom

Support Stand And Ring Sets

Support Stands, And Rings

Support Stands, Heavy

Support Stands, Stamped Steel

Table Top Pulley


Toothed Wheel Simple,toothed Wheel Working

Traveling Microscope Omega

Tuning Fork Export Quality

Vernier Calipers

Vial With Cap


Water Turbine With Generator

Water Voltameter

Water Voltameter

Wave Motion Apparatus

Weight Box Brass

Weight Box Stainless Steel

Wheel And Exel

Wildco Meterstick

Wind Mill

Wind Mill

Young Modules Searls Pattern

Young Modules Vernire Type

Zenor Diode Apparatus Loose Kit

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