Educational tender items for schools in Malaysia
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Laboratory Plasticware
Analytical and Scientific Instruments
Animal Cage
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Blood Bank Instruments
Cement & Concrete Testing Equipments
Centrifuge Wares
Chemical Electrical Heating Appliances
Civil Engineering Instruments
Compressor & Vaccum Pumps
Cryo Labware
Diagnostic products
Digital Blue Products
Digital Controllers
Digital Instruments
Digital Meter & Testers
Digital Scales
Disposable Medical Surgical Products
Education Labs
Educational Aids
Educational Charts
Educational Materials
Electric Actuators
Electrical engineering laboratory
Electronic Educational Equipments
Engineering Equipments
Engineering, Polytechnic and Vocational Training Equipment
Equipments For Fluid Mechanics Laboratary
Experimental Training Equipments
Fibre Glass Models
Flats & Wedges
Force & Motion
Forensic Models
Geared Servo Motors
Giant Heart Model
Globes, Maps, 3D Models & Charts
Hand Tools
Hospital Furniture
Hospital Instruments
Image Analysis Softwares
Jacketed Reactor
Lab & General Equipment
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory Glassware
Laboratory Plasticware
Laboratory Supplies
Laboratory Testing Instruments
Laser Trainers
Liquid Handling System
Material Testing Machines
Medical Batteries
Medical consumables
Medical Equipments
Microscopes and Accessories
Motorized Potentiometer
Nautical Instruments
New Products
Oil & Petroleum Testing
Ophthalmic Equipments
Opthalmic & Ent Equipments
Optical Components
Optical Products
Other Products
Paraffin wax dispenser
Passive Night Vision Devices
Pharma Machinery
Plastic Labware
Pregnancy Models Set For Nursing Training
Prepared Slides
Process Control Instruments
Psychology Lab Equipments
Quality Control Laboratory Equipments
Safety Products
Scientific Lab. Equipments
Silicaware Quartzware
Silicon Tubing & Components
Solar Products
Stepper Motors
Suction Appratus & Unit
Sugar Factory Instrument
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Rubber Products
Test & Measuring Instruments
Water Stills(Glass & Quartz)
Water Treatment Plants
Wooden Lab Products

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Ambala Lab

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Desiccator (plain)

4 Places Crucible Support

6 Places Crucible Support

A Shape Retort Stamd Base

Alloy Test Tube And Thermometer Holder

Angel Adjustable Four Clamp

Aspirator Bottles

Atomic Model Set

Autoclave Basket

Ball Type Bosshead

Beaker Pfa

Beaker Pp

Beaker Tong

Beaker Tong

Beaker Tph










Buchner Funnel

Bunsen Burner


Burette Clamp(alloy,ni/cr Plated)

Burette Clamp(plastic)

Butane Gas Bottle Burner

Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom

Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom

Ceramic Plates

Chain Clamp

Circular Support Platforms With Bossheads

Close Retort Ring With Bosshead

Close Ring Retort Support

Conical Flask

Conical Flask Pc

Conical Flask With Screw Cap

Conical Head Clip (stainless Steel)

Conical Head Clips

Conical Measures

Coplin Jar

Cork Bored Sets

Cork Borer Sharpner

Crocodile Clips

Crucible Tongs

Crucible Tongs

Cryo Box

Cryo Box

Cryo Coders

Cryo Vial

Crystal Model Set

Deflgration Spoon

Desiccator (vaccum)

Desiccator, Non Vacuum

Desiccator, Vacuum

Dish Tong (forceps)

Double Burette Clamp

Double Burette Clamp(plastic)

Double Clamp For Rod

Double Clamps(medium+small)

Double Roating Clamp

Draining Rack

Dropping Bottles

Erlenmeyer Flasks, Pp

Filling/venting Closure

Fisher Clamp

Flask Clip

Flask Stand

Float Rack

Forceps(4 Pcs/set)

Four Finger Clamp(shank)

Four Finger Clamp(shank2)

Four Finger Swivel Clamps

Funnel Holder

Funnel Holder

Funnels - Long Stem

G Clamp

Glass Tube Cutter

H Shape Support Stand Base

Hand Protectors

High Temperature Burners

Hoffman Side Hinged Clip

Hoffman's Tubing Clip

Horizon Pipette Rack

Immunology Plates

Immunology Plates

Kipps Apparatus

Kolle Handles

Laboratory Forceps

Laboratory Jacks

Laboratory Jacks

Laboratory Tray

Leclanche Cell Pot

Magenta Box

Magneta Box

Marble Retort Stand Base

Marble Retort Stand Base

Mct Box

Mct Twin Rack

Measuring Beaker With Handle

Measuring Cup(plastic)

Measuring Cylinders

Measuring Cylinders (hexagonal Base)

Measuring Cylinders (round Base)

Measuring Cylinders (round Base)

Measuring Jugs

Medical Spoon

Meker Burner

Micro Burner

Micro Centrifuge Tube

Micro Tip Box

Mohr's Tube Clip

Mohr's Tubing Clip

Mohr's Tubing Clip

Mounting Foot Support

Nessler Tube Racks

Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes

Open Ring Retort Support

Open Ring Retort Support With Bosshead

Pcr Tube Rack

Petri Dish

Petri Dish(disposable)

Pipette Filler

Pipette Pump

Pipette Pump

Pipette Stand

Pipette Stand (94pipettes-rotary)

Pipette Stand (horizontal)

Pipette Stand(vertical)


Plantation Pots

Pneumatic Trough

Porcelain Spotting Plates, Glazed

Porcelain Casseroles With Handle, Glazed

Porcelain Clay Triangle

Porcelain Combustion Boats, Unglazed

Porcelain Crucible Shelf

Porcelain Crucibles, High Wall With Lid, Glazed

Porcelain Crucibles, Low Wall With Lid, Glazed

Porcelain Crucibles, Medium Wall With Lid, Glazed

Porcelain Crucibles, With Lid And Disc, Glazed

Porcelain Dessication Discs, Glazed

Porcelain Evaporating Dishes With Spout, Glazed

Porcelain Funnels With Perforated Filter Disc, Glazed

Porcelain Pestles & Mortars With Spout, Glazed

Porcelain Spatulas With Spoon End, Glazed

Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tube

Rack For Petri Dishes

Rack For Scintillation Vial

Rack For Scintillation Vial

Reagent Bottle (plastic)

Reagent Bottles (narrow Mouth)

Reagent Bottles (wide Mouth)

Rectangular Retort Stand Bases

Retort Stand

Retort Stand

Retort Stand Base

Ria Vial

Ria Vial

Round Jaws Universal Clamps

Sample Container (press And Fit Type)

Scintillation Vial

Seperatory Funnel

Seperatory Funnel Holder

Simple Cell Pot

Single Burette Clamp(alloy)

Single Burette Clamp(plastic)

Slide Box

Slide Mailer

Sodium Spoon



Sperical Joint Pinch Clamp


Spot Plate, 12 Cavity

Spring Tubing Clamps

Square Crucible Support


Stop Cocks

Stop Cocks

Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Storage Vial

Support Stand Kits


Swivel Three Finger Clamp


Teclu Burner

Test Tube And Thermometer Swivel Holder (alloy)

Test Tube Baskets

Test Tube Cap

Test Tube Holder (metal Wire)

Test Tube Holder(hard Wood)

Test Tube Rach(z Type)

Test Tube Rack

Test Tube Rack

Test Tube Rack

Test Tube Rack

Test Tube Rack(plastic)

Test Tube Racks(plastic)

Test Tube Stand

Test Tube Stand ( Round)

Test Tube Stand (3tier)

Test Tube Stand(wire Pattren)

Test Tube Stand(wire Pattren)

Thermometer Extension Clamp

Thermometer Seivel Clamp

Three Finger Clamp(large)

Three Finger Clamps(small,medium)

Three Finger Double Adjust Clamp(large)

Three Finger Double Adjust Clamp(small)

Three Finger Double Adjust Clamps(small)

Three Finger Double Adjust Swivel Clamp(large)

Three Finger Extension Clamp(medium)

Three Finger Extension Clamp(small)

Three Finger Swivel Clamps(large)

Three Prong Fixed Brosshead Clamp

Three Prong Single Adjust Swivel Clamp (medium)

Three Prong Single Adjust Swivel Clamp(small)

Tirrill Burners

Tripod Support


Two Prong Double Adjust Extension Clamp(large)

Two Prong Double Adjust Extension Clamp(small)

Two Prong Double Adujust Swivel Clamp(large)

Two Prong Extension Clamp

Two Prong Fixed Brosshead Clamp

Universal Bosshead

Universal Bosshead

Universal Clamp

Universal Clip(brass)

Universal Clip(stainless Steel)

Universal Clip(steel)

Utility Tray

Volumetric Flask

Wash Bottles

Wash Bottles (new Type)

Washing Bottle(plastic)

Weight Ring

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