Educational tender items for schools in Malaysia
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Ambala Lab

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Clamp For Borer

Knife-edge Clamp

Test Tube Clamp, Wooden Handle

"a" Shape Support Stands

Apron - Rubberized Cloth

Bunsen Burner

Cork Borer Sharpener

Deluxe Cork Borer Brass Set/9

Density Blocks

Digital Stopwatch

Disposable Plastic Pipettes

Extension Clamp

Geometry Math Set

Hall's Carriage

Lab Scoop Handle

Laboratory Scissors Jack, Black Enamel

Laboratory Scissors Jack, Chrome Plated

Micro Centrifuge Tube

Micrometer Caliper

Precision Dial Vernier Calipers

Pulley On Rod

Rubber Hammer


Safety Pipette Filler

Solid Geometric Block

Stethoscope (bowle's Type)

Student Caliper.

Two Way Burner Stand

Vernier Caliper

Wheel & Axle

Wood Splints, 1000/pk

"g" Clamps

3 Meter Tape Measure

Acrylic Buret

Alcohol Burner, Wickless

Analytical Funnels, Polypropylene

Aspirator Bottle (carboys)

Beaker Brushes

Beaker Tongs

Beaker With Handle

Beaker With Tapered Spout

Beakers, Euro Style, Polypropylene

Blood Pin

Brass Alcohol Burner

Buchner Funnel

Bunsen Burner

Burette Clamp

Burette Clamp (fisher Style)

Burette Clamp, Double

Burette Clampcast

Burner Tripods


Carrier Tray

Centrifuge Tube, Round Bottom

Centrifuge Tubes

Clamp Holders

Clay Pipe Triangles

Color Cube Activity Pack

Color Cube Activity Pack

Combustion Spoon

Conical Measures

Cork Bore Set

Cork Borer Sets

Corpuscle Cups

Crucible Tongs

Crucibles, Nickel

Crucibles, Porcelain (high Form)

Crucibles, Stainless Steel

Cryo Box (polycarbonate)

Cryo Box (polypropylene)

Cryo Rack

Cyto-cervical Brushes

Deluxe Cork Borer Plated Steel Set/10

Deluxe Corkborer Brass Set/15

Desiccator, Non Vacuum

Disposable Petric Dish

Double Burette Clamp

Dropping Bottles

Dual Head Alcohol Burner, Wickless

Economy Beaker

Economy Extension Clamp

Economy Wash Bottles

Electronic Pipettes

Embedding Blocks

Erlenmeyer Flask, Polypropylene

Extension Clamps

Extension Support Rings

Fully Autoclavable Micropipettes

Funnel Holder

Funnel Support

Funnel, Powder

Funnels, Short Stem

Funnels, Standard Stem

Funnels, Utility




Glass Stirring Rods

Glass Tube

Graduated Cylinder, Hexagon Bases

Hand Centrifuge

Hand Tally (counter)

Hook Collar Clamps

Hook Collars - For 1/2" & 3/4" Rods

Immunology Plates

Lab Scoop

Laboratory Jack

Laboratory Scissors Jack, Stainless Steel

Laboratory Scoop

Laboratory Tray

Magnetic Stir Bars

Measuring Cylinders (hexagonal Base)

Measuring Cylinders (round Base)

Mechanical Stopwatch

Micro Centrifuge Tube

Micro Centrifuge Tube Twin Rack

Micro Centrifuge Tube With Color Cap

Micrometer Calipers

Mini Pipets

Mohr's Pinchcocks

Multi Channel Pipettes

Pendulum Clamp

Perforated Goggles

Pipette Filling Device

Pipette Stand (94 Pipettes-rotary)

Pipette Stand (horizontal)

Pipette Stand, Vertical, For 28 Pipettes

Plastic Geoboard

Plastic Pitchers

Plastic Test Tube Rack

Plastic Test Tube Racks

Plastic Test Tube:

Plastic Weighing Boats

Pocket Loupe

Polypropylene Graduated Cylinders

Polypropylene Beaker

Precision Measurement Set, 4pcs/set

Pulley With Table Clamp

Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tube

Reagent Bottle

Ria Vial

Right Angle Clamp

Round Stacking Masses Set

Rubber Filter Aid

Rubber Stoppers

Rubber Stoppers, Assortments

Sample Vials



Screw Compressor Clamps

Seperatory Funnels

Slide Storage Boxes, Plastic

Slide Storage Boxes, Wooden



Spatulas, Both Ends Flat

Spatulas, With Wooden Handles

Square Stacking Masses Set

Stainless Steel Spoon

Support Ring Stand

Support Rings, Cast Steel

Support Stand And Ring Sets

Support Stands, 2-hole

Support Stands, And Rings

Suspension Clamps

Teaching Vernier Caliper

Test Tube Basket, Pp, 40x40x10cm

Test Tube Brushes

Test Tube Brushes

Test Tube Clamps

Test Tube Clamps

Test Tube Clamps, Wooden

Test Tube Racks, Plastic

Test Tube Racks, Wooden

Test Tube With Color Cap

Test Tube With Rim

Triangle Support Stands

Triangular File

Triangular Supports With Rods

Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand W/ Concentric Rings

Vacuum Pump

Volumetric Flask

Wash Bottles

Wash Bottles, Unitary

Water Bath

Wide-mouth Wash Bottles

Wire Gauze

Wire Gauze

Wooden Handle Scrape

Wooden Test Tube Racks

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