Educational tender items for schools in Malaysia
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Ambala Lab

Payment Mode


Coated Magnetic Micro Bars

Flask Conical

Non Skirted Thin Wall Pcr Plates R.m. P.p.

Slide Box

1. Desiccator (plain)

2. Desiccator (vacuum)

3. Desiccator Cabinet

8 Test Tube Stand (wire Pattern)

Analytical Funnel

Animal Cage

Animal Cage

Aspirator Cans, Big, Polythene

Atomic Model Set

Atomic Model Set

Atomic Model Set (euro Design)


Beakers (euro Design)

Beakers R.m. Ptfe

Bell Jar, Stoppered, Plastic

Bottle Heavy Duty Vacuum

Bottle Narrow Mouth

Bottle Reagent (narrow Mouth)

Bottle Wide Mouth Square

Bottle, Wash (new Type)

Bottles ,wash, Wide Mouth

Bottles Aspirator

Bottles Dropping

Bottles, Wash

Buchner Funnel


Burette Clamp, Fisher Type

Bytac® Bench Protector


Carboy With Stop Cock

Carboys R.m Hdpe

Carrier Tray

Cell Scraper

Centrifugal Tube Conical Bottom R.m P.p.

Centrifuge Micro, With Circular Rotor

Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom

Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom

Centrifuge Tube, Micro

Centrifuge Tubes, Oak Ridge

Cones R.m. Ptfe

Conical Flask

Conical Flask With Screw Cap

Conical Measures

Connectors (cross)

Connectors (l Shaped)

Connectors (t & Y-new)

Connectors (t & Y)

Cross-spin Magnetic Stirring Bar

Cryo Babies/cryo Tags

Cryo Box (pc)

Cryo Box (pp)

Cryo Coders

Cryo Rack

Cryo Vial

Cryo Vial-internal Thread

Crystal Model Set

Cupling Jar

Cylinder Hexagonal Base

Cylinders Measuring

Dancing Shaker

Draining Basket

Draining Rack

Dropping Bottles R.m. Ldpe, P.p.

Dumb-bell Magnetic Stirring Bar

Dura Seal Stretch Film

Egg Shaped Magnetic Stirring Bar

Eu 0.2 Ml Tube With Domed Flat Cap

Eu 0.2 Ml Tube With Optical Flat Cap

Filter Funnel With Clamp, 47 Mm Membrane

Filter Holder - 47mm, Membrane

Filter Holder With Funnel

Flask Baffled

Flask Stand

Flask Support Stand

Flask, Conical

Flask, Volumetric

Float Rack

Forceps (tweezers)

Funnel For Laboratory With Long Stem

Funnel Holder

Funnels – Long Stem

Handypette Pipette Aid

Ice Bucket

Immunology Plates

Indicator Tape For Steam Autoclave

Kipp's Apparatus

L Shaped Spreader

L-shaped Spreaders R.m. Abs

Laboratory Tray

Leclanche Cell Pot

Lid For Beakers R.m. Ptfe

Liter Set

Magnetic Retriever

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate, Deluxe

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate, Deluxe

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate, Deluxe

Magnetic Stirrer, Deluxe

Magnetic Stirrer, Deluxe

Magnetic Stirring Retrievers / Rescuers


Mct Box

Mct Twin Rack

Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal

Measuring Cylinder Pentagonal

Measuring Jugs

Measuring Jugs (euro Design)

Micro Pestle

Micro Pipette R.m. Abs, P. P., S.s., Aluminium, Brass, Ptfe Etc

Micro Pipette Station (stand) R.m. Acrylic

Micro Slide Box

Micro Spin Magnetic Stirring Bar

Micro Tip Box

Micro Tip Box (new)

Micro, Centrifuge

Microscope Slide File

Microscope Slide Tray

Mini Secador

Molecular Model Set, Organic, Introductory

Molecular Models Set, Introductory

Molecular Models Set, Student, Biochemistry:

Molecular Models Set, Student, Organic

Molecular Models Set, Teacher, Organic

Molecular Orbital Set, Organic Structures

Motorless Magnetic Stirrer

Multi Tape Dispenser

Multipurpose Labeling Tape

Nestler Cylinder Stand

Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bar

Oil Cans R.m. Ldpe

Optical Flat 8 Cap Strip R.m. P.p.

Orbital Shaker

Organic Molecular Model Building Kit

Parafilm M®

Pcr 8 Tubes Strip R.m. P.p.

Pcr Tube Rack

Petri Dish

Petri Dish (culture)

Petri Dish (disposable)

Petri Dish (disposable)

Petri Dishes Rack

Petri Seal

Petri, Dish, Tpx

Pipette Case

Pipette Pasteur

Pipette Pump

Pipette Stand (94 Pipettes Rotary)

Pipette Stand (horizontal)

Pipette Stand (vertical)

Pipette Sterile Serological

Pipette Storage Rack

Pipette, Microliter, Fixed Volume

Pipette, Microliter, Variable Volume:

Pipettes, Disposable

Pneumatic Trough

Policemen Stirring Rods

Polygon Magnetic Stirring Bar

Powder Funnel

Rack For Micro Centrifuge (folding)

Rack For Scintillation Vial

Reagent Reservoir

Retort Stand With Rod

Rocker Vacuum Pump

Rotary Mixer

Round Magnetic Stirring Bar With Pivot Ring

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Sample Container (press & Fit Type)

Scintillation Vial



Separating Funnel Holder

Seperatory Funnel

Shapes Of Molecules Set

Simple Cell Pot

Simple Inorganic Molecular Model Kit

Siphon, With Bellows

Slide Mailer

Slide Storage Rack

Slides Dispenser

Soft Loop Sterile

Spatula, With Spoon,

Specimen Tube

Specimen/gas Jar

Spilfyter® Lab Soakers

Spin Wings

Staining Box

Staining/coplin Jar


Stool Container

Stool Container

Stop Cocks

Storage Boxes


Syphon, Self Priming

Test Tube Basket

Test Tube Cap

Test Tube Rotator:

Test Tube Stand

Test Tube Stand (3tier)

Test Tube Stand (3tier)

Test Tube Stand (round)

Test Tube Stand, Micro Tubes

Test Tube Stand, Plastic

Test Tube With Screw Cap

Thermostatic Water Bath, With Evaporation Lid

Tough Tags / Tough Spots

Tough Tags Station

Trapazodial Magnetic Stirring Bar

Triangular Magnetic Stirring Bar

Triangular Shape Bottles With Handle R.m. Hdpe

Triangular Shape Bottles Without Handle R.m. Hdpe

Universal Multi Rack

Universal Reagent Reservoir

Urine Container

Utility Tray

Vortex Shaker

Water Bottle For Animal Cage

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